How I came About To Teach Others About Online Marketing

After yesterdays “7 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Online Marketing” article, you might want to know a little bit more about how I became a digital marketer and what qualifies me to teach other people about this subject topic.

My name is William Siong, I am 61 years old and living on a tiny island city called Singapore in South East Asia.

In the early 60s, education was never really a booster for me because going to school ‘eats up’ the income that my parent had. Their only concern is how to have a job that pays them regularly but at the back of their mind, they do know that if I get educated enough, I could get a higher salary in the work force, which is still true for most of the parents today.

Anyway, I did not further my studies after getting my GCE ‘O’ Level result, instead I volunteered to sign up into the Army because of the high pay I could get out of it. 😃

However, 7 years later, I left the Army (even though I am already a commissioned Officer with the force) because I wanted to venture into the uncharted and unknown territory of the commercial sector.

I got involved with Sales and Marketing and attended many events and training's pertaining to my IT related field. The opportunities to learn and earn keeps my enthusiasm going strong. Eventually, I was able to change jobs easily and earn higher salaries or commissions as a result.

Soon, the desire to generate an income source of my own sets in. I quit my job to start an IT firm providing services to SMEs and Home Owners. Boy, it’s a different world out there when you have to ‘struggle’ to earn enough money to pay off the rental and operational expenses including the salary of your worker. For several months, I was not able to earn enough to even justify my own salary.

After much tweaking and changing of the sales and marketing process, things got better and I started to earn well and had enough to even speculate in stocks and shares (something that I will talk about some other time). Yes, this obsession actually made me broke my bank and I was debt-ridden for almost a decade or more.

Without a business, I soon realized that if I do not keeps up with the trend of the job economies then it will be harder and harder for me to find and own a good paid job.

Seeing that the IT industry is still blooming, I started to go online to learn a things or two on how I can learn to make money online. All this while, I am still working hard to earn money so as to pay back to the bank.

Life is really tough! Many a times I feel like declaring myself a bankrupt so that I can avoid all the liabilities I had to pay back. But after weighing all the consequences that I could get in the future, I persisted and work very hard to earn the money necessary to pay off those debt.

Soon, I learnt about setting up my own free blog, learning about traffic exchanges and a little about affiliate marketing. After a while, I was able to earn some money every month but still its not enough to set me free.

As human, we do procrastinate a lot. We get influenced by other people opinions and with a weak mindset, all-the-what-have-you ‘distractions’ comes into your life and sabotage whatever that you do over time. 

Naturally, I faltered and have to re-start all over again, when the mind seems right. Lol

Fortunately, I was able to regain my position fast because of the experiences I had gotten so far. I started committing seriously to a Hosting Platform and started a website with the Domain I had purchased. I learnt about blogging, email marketing, affiliate marketing, social mediaing and other elements of digital marketing. It was not an easy journey but it gets me to a stage where I am in the position to teach others about it.

I do not proclaim myself to be an expert but with my experiences, I can help many people to shorten their learning curve or journey on the web.

Over the past 12 years, I was in the trenches and grinding it day and night, right now I am a full-time marketer. I believed that Online marketing will never go away because more and more businesses are adopting this marketing process today, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Many companies could not sustain their operation and had closed down thus causing millions of people to become jobless worldwide. Worse still, more A.I. (artificial intelligence) and automation processes have proven to be effective during these lock-down and crisis. Soon, more people will become redundant or replaced in their job economy because of such technology.

It is my desire to teach as many people out there as possible by preparing and creating ecourse that covers Online Marketing and Digital Marketing, and with supplementary topic such as Self-Improvement, Health and Wellness, Social Media and Make Money Online niche.

Feeling threatened that you will lose your job? Or, having trouble looking for a job? or even starting a business of your own? 

My advice is that you upgrade your knowledge about Online Marketing for the myriad of solutions and opportunities that it can present to you in the future regardless of whether it is for your job or business.

Learn a skillset that you can rely on to provide a service to others for a fee or learn a business that you can grow it to earn the passive income that you need for your rainy days.


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"A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle." -- Kahlil Gibran




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