How You Can Avoid 5 Mistakes When Learning About Online Marketing

When you read about 7 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Online Marketing and How I Came About To Teach Others About Online Marketing you will definitely come to realization that it is not an easy process for you to start online marketing without the proper guidance you need.

Fortunately, technology has changed so much that practically what you can do as compared to what I had gone through during the 1st 3 years of my learning journey is very much shorten.

I am seeing people churning out website content, pages, ebook, videos and ecourse in the 1st month of them joining any marketing platform. You can do it too!

You can also find the time to learn as much subject topics about Online Marketing as possible without the need to enroll in a formal Digital Marketing Degree education, if you don’t want to.

One thing almost every person will make (for sure) during their learning journey is that, they will make mistakes!


Why do learners make mistakes?

According to Ellis, errors reflect gaps in a learners' knowledge. They occur because the learner does not know what is correct.

While, mistakes reflect occasional lapses in performance, they occur because the learner is unable to perform what he or she knows (Ellis, 1997:17)


Here’s how you can avoid 5 mistakes when learning about Online Marketing:

Mistakes #1: Not Being Interested In What You Learn

The subject you committed is something you like to learn about and had paid for. You can either choose to learn something in an interesting way or in a boring way, irrespective of how inspiring the topic or the instructor is.

Making the learning more interesting also makes it easier for you to absorb the lesson well.


Mistakes #2: Not Focusing On The Lesson Proper

Curiosity always cause ‘distraction’ in whatever you do including learning. Focus fully on that x-minute of video lesson being played instead of fiddling around to view the PDF file, transcription, assignment or even, the next lesson.

Re-watch the video or tutorial again if you have done so.


Mistakes #3: Not Asking Question When In Doubt

Ask question on why things are the way they are or how they are connected with the other elements of Digital Marketing. Leverage on the knowledge of the instructor (including the community of experienced marketers) if you are in a Group.


Mistakes #4: Not Creating That Momentum To Learn

It is common for everyone of us to be distracted or lose focus when we are trying to learn something new. However, if we keep delaying or procrastinating the learning process, it becomes uninteresting or boring and can even lead to abandonment altogether.


Mistakes #5: Practice! Practice! Practice!

Since you want to learn something new, become good with it by practicing it often. Practice, practice, practice it often and soon it gets internalize in you to become your experience and knowledge. However, don’t be a Perfectionist!


End of the day, no one is perfect and if you are making most of the mistakes above, do not be despair too. Just admit your mistakes and move on to take the proper steps to correct that faults.

Most importantly, continue learning to become successful in online marketing if your desire is to upgrade your knowledge so that you can become useful to your job requirement, or to become a beginner’s marketer who can learn to make your own income on the web.





"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit." -- Conrad Hilton



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