Transformed From Traditional Business To Marketing Online

In the year 2006 I was introduced to the MLM a.k.a Network Marketing industry dealing with a famous brand that sells lotion and potion.

As I was already familiar with internet marketing back then, I made query with the local management as to why I cannot leverage on the web to do my sales and marketing, their reply was,

it is not fair to the other distributors who are doing it” or

it’s against company policy to do so

It really makes me feel flabbergasted.

After confirming with several other MLM companies and receiving similar replies, I decided to leave the industry.


Several years later, when digital marketing become very popular, the more I was certain that having online marketing knowledge will be “a win win” for anyone embracing it to do their business, because of those reasons mentioned on my first post “7 things you probably do not know about online marketing”.

Fortunately, I had 1 to 2 blogs by then and it allowed me to write anything I want, promote anything I want and to teach or guide anyone I wanted too.

One day, “Jack” (an old classmate of mine) emailed me after reading my profile which is similar to my 2nd post here – “How I came about to teach others about online marketing” and expressed interest to learn how to do internet marketing that can help him sell off his stagnated stocks in the warehouse.

We met up, and I passed him some materials that teaches how one can set up a website to sell anything online. Several days later, I contacted him and realised that he is making some of those mistakes as mentioned on my 3rd post – “How you can avoid 5 mistakes when learning about online marketing

I mentioned that we can call it quit if he is uncomfortable about it but after several hours of discussion, he decided to give it a try and asked me to advice or help him out when he is unsure or encounters any challenges in the process.


He bought a Domain Name and subscribed to a hosting account so that he can create his first ever website.

Then he acquired a plugin that enables him to create a kind of cataloging display so that all the images of his stock items can be shown on the page.

Then he connected them with the Paypal Button so that when people buys online, the payment goes directly to the payment processor. Back then I was also new to such “eCommerce” functionality and it is really not fully automated and full of hiccups too.

Gosh, sometimes you learn things with the customers too!

He learned how to add-on the company customers data into the autoresponder system and learnt how to email to every one of them so as to promote his stuffs.

After several campaigns, where he advertised on the local newspapers and also on the web, he finally got sales and it was an amazing feelings for him. He even mentioned that if sales can be made on the web without visiting the client onsite, it would be fantastic!

Soon, he was able to run things on his own, finding and learning from information gathered from the web and constantly calling me whenever he encounter any issue or challenges.


Can you visualize the before and after changes that you can make to yourself or your business. If “Jack” can do it, so can you!

Therefore, digital marketing can literally transform any traditional businesses to become an online marketing business if they learn the technology and utilizes the tools today.

It can even helps an individual to learn the skillset to survive their job or to even becoming an online marketer who can command their own salary on the web.

Learning digital marketing today has more advantages than disadvantages because more and more traditional jobs will become redundant because of A.I and automation.


Visit Prawfeed eLearning regardless whether you are a beginner or an intermediate marketer or practitioner on the web. I am sure one of those video course will suit your urge to learn something now.

Or, you can decides to embark on an Online Marketing program that train you from the beginning to an advanced stage.

The choice is yours and god speed to your success online!




Learning is the measurement of knowledge before and after. 

-- Eben Pagan



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