Who Am I?

Hello, my name is William Siong, I am a full time digital marketer, actually more a retiree than an active entrepreneur.

But then, at the same time, it is my vision, to be able to help as many people out there as possible, with the vast information that I have gained over the years, I've been doing online marketing for 12 years by now.

All this while, I've been maintaining a semi-retired lifestyle for the past 10 years. And then for the last four years, I've been doing full time digital marketing, so much so that I am not really particular about going looking for a job out there or things like that.

Why? Because I am already at retiree age. I'm 62 years old this year.

And I hope that whatever information that I have been providing to you, whether it's on my Blog, Facebook Timeline, Facebook Group, Page, or Instagram or anything like that, you will enjoy and benefit from the information I'm providing for you.

And most importantly, thank you for your kind support and hope that you share whatever that I had posted, whether is it at the Facebook Timeline, posts or whether is it an article or whether is it a, maybe a free membership programme and things like that.

Okay, I hope that you will trust me enough to actually go through the content that I am providing you and hopefully, one day we might be able to sit down to chat with each other, co-create with each other so that everything we do will benefit you and me, fair enough?

Bye bye.